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29th March 10:30 -1:00pm

If you want to start to use your iPad to make drawings or paintings this course is for you, no previous drawing experience necessary (but you will need an iPad!)

The session will begin with introductions, cup of tea/coffee and a brief talk about the exhibition and digital drawing from Dan.

Weather permitting the session will include drawing exercises both on and off the iPad in and around the Proscenium Building and Montpellier Gardens. You will be able to explore your digital creativity in a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere.

About the tutor: Dan is an artist and has over ten years experience teaching drawing and painting classes at The University of Gloucestershire and GLOSCOL.

Cost of this session is £25.
On the day you will need to bring with you:

Your iPad loaded with the following apps:

- ASKetch (1.99)
- Paper by FiftyThree (free trial)
- Brushes 3 (free trial with £1.99 in app purchase)
- And for a bit of fun 'Draw Something' (free)

- a couple more app titles to follow

Warm clothing (hopefully it will be warm enough to draw outside)

Please contact Dan if you have any questions or wish to enrol in this session.

iPad Drawing and Painting Workshop
iPad Drawing and Painting Workshop