• Dan Young, Daily - Year Five

    Dan Young, Daily has changed format drastically this year. Instead of 365 little paintings I will be making one big painting. I will be adding an element each day, you can follow my and the paintings progress on my blog Dan Young, Daily

  • Paintathon at the BBC

    last years paintathon piece on the beeb Dan At the BBC

  • Dan Young, Daily - Paintathon

    On the 19th of August I will be painting all day on the 1000th day of Dan Young, Daily keep an eye out on this website for more details..

    psst... BBC News and BBC radio will be covering the paintathon

  • #1000paintings

    I am inviting everyone who enjoys my daily paintings to paint a cake to help me celebrate painting 1000 paintings in 1000 days. upload your cake here | http://www.flickr.com/groups/1000paintings|#1000paintings flickr group|

  • Etsy shop - open

    Actually it's been open a while new paintings appearing there soon......have a browse here Dan Young, Art Etsy shop

  • CCP 21st Birthday Concert

    I will be putting the 21 paintings celebrating the 21 years of CCP on this site very soon

  • Youtube Channel Launched

    I have launched DYD TV have little look at me painting pictures really fast as well as some other things that keep me amused and out of trouble in the studio! Dan Young, Daily TV

  • Dan Young, Daily on ITV West

    Keep an eye out for Dan if you live in the ITV west region in the UK, we filmed a piece about Dan Young, Daily on Tuesday for broadcast soon.. more soon with a link hopefully!

  • The Painted Advent

    Not content with painting a picture every day Dan has decided to paint an extra painting with a christmas theme throughout advent this December, follow the advent series at The Painted Advent With £10 pounds from each sale going towards CCP's Hamper Scamper Campaign

  • Dan Young, Daily continues...

    University of Gloucestershire fine art technician and short course tutor Dan Young has successfully completed his challenge of painting a complete oil painting every day for an entire year.

    And Dan, from Cheltenham has enjoyed the challenge so much he plans to continue with his daily daub for the foreseeable future.

    Dan has started his second year of painting with a pencil and watercolour drawing of a slice of strawberry gateaux.

    “Making a painting every day has become an intrinsic part of my life so I have decided to continue into next year and beyond,” said Dan.

    “The format has changed a little, this year any painting or drawing media can be used but all the works will be on paper.

    The first year of the project has attracted interest from all over the world with collectors in Australia, America, Japan, Germany, and Slovenia buying his work, and fans as far afield as South Africa, Brazil, Canada and New Zealand following his progress on his daily blog,

    “Working as an artist in a studio can be a solitary experience but through the power of the internet my work has been seen all over the world, which has given me huge impetus to keep making the paintings.

    “I have also had messages from fellow artists who have been inspired to take up their brushes again which is a great feeling,” said Dan.

    Dan graduated in fine art painting from the University of Gloucestershire in 1997 and completed an MA in computer art in 2005. He has exhibited in London, Sydney, Glasgow, Manchester, Norwich and Cheltenham and has work in private collections internationally.

    His daily paintings can be viewed at Dan Young, Daily